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Blue flag beaches and Balnearios in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known as the Island of Enchantment. It’s warm climate and the generosity of its people add to its name, but our beaches make the perfect vacation destination. Puerto Rico has more than 1,125 beaches and some have accessible facilities for people with disabilities. In Puerto Rico area beautiful beaches that few people visit, or beaches that have facilities and security and in some seasons, plenty of people visit them.

We have beaches with calm waves, suitable for children and a safe family day. On the other hand, we also have beaches for those who enjoy sports like surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and kayaking. In addition, we have beaches with the emblematic distinction of Blue Flag.

The blue flag program is an international award that requires at least that:

  • Beaches achieve excellent bathing water quality.
  • Dogs or pets, other than assistance dogs are not allowed.
  • An adequate number of lifeguards must guard beaches with many visitors.
  • First aid equipment must be available on the beach.
  • The emergency plan must provide a clearly identified procedure, facilitating efficiency in the case of an emergency.
  • The beach and surrounding areas must always be clean and maintained.
  • Waste disposal containers must be available at the beach, and they must be regularly maintained.
  • Recycling facilities, containers must be made available at the beach for these materials, e.g., glass, cans, plastic, paper, etc.
  • Among others,

Puerto Rico usually has between 4 to 9 Blue Flags beaches.

For 2022 and 2023 Puerto  Rico has 2 beaches with the  Blue Flag distinction:

1. Balneario Puerto Nuevo, Vega Baja

Puerto Nuevo Beach has facilities such as parking, restrooms, public showers, water chair service for people with disabilities. It’s an area where you can enjoy kayaking, fishing, wind surfing and much more. Within its premises, you will find concession stands, floating wheelchairs, chairs, rent umbrellas, and others selling food and beverage within its premises.

2. Balneario El Escambrón, Viejo San Juan

Beach located in Old San Juan which offers accessible parking. This beach has perfect reefs for a snorkeling experience, areas for surfing lovers, palms for shade. It has shops and kiosks around it in a family atmosphere.

Are beaches without the blue flag certification that has public restrooms, designated parking, and facilities for your enjoyment.

Balneario means a place that is next to the sea or next to a stream; is a place for rest, recreation, and practice sports. To be a Balneario, the area must comply with some requirements, such as lifeguard services, restrooms, parking, and hanging rooms.

Some of the following balnearios occasionally are awarded with the Blue Flag Certification:

1. Balneario Punta Salinas, Toa Baja

Beach is like a forest due to a large number of trees. Great for spending the day swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, playing basketball, or beach volleyball. If you want to carry out an activity in the facilities, booths, picnic areas, and activity rooms are available for rent.

2. Balneario Seven Seas, Fajardo

The sand beach is soft with crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling. The sea shore are plenty of palm trees that provide some protection from the sun. It’s a quiet facility serve to camps and house trailers. It has bathrooms, showers, and spaces for barbecues. Its location is close to Playa Colorá and Playa Escondida, making the Seven Seas perfect to expand your adventure. In addition, there is a coral reef that protects the beach.

3. Balneario Sun Bay, Vieques

The best-known beach in Vieques, thanks to its almond sand and crystal-clear water. Its coast is full of green palm trees, excellent for producing shadows for everyone to enjoy. The facilities have parking, picnic areas, and a cafeteria. If you love camping, there is an area where you can do it. Is very close to the Malecón la Esperanza. Here you can enjoy an incredible gastronomic variety. It is the only beach with facilities in Vieques.

4. Balneario Cerro Gordo, Vega Alta

Managed by the Puerto Rico National Parks Company, Cerro Gordo has ample space for camping. In addition, the facilities have picnic areas, kiosks, gazebos, green areas, showers, bathrooms, and parking. Due to its calm waves, its beach is excellent for adults and kids. You can play on the beach, swim, kayak, snorkel, or relax in the shade.

5. Balneario La Monserrate, Luquillo

La Monserrate has one of the most frequented beaches in Puerto Rico. Here you can find a variety of water sports, such as Pedal boats, jet skis, snorkeling, flyboarding, kayaking, kite surfing, and windsurfing. In addition, it has parking facilities, restrooms, showers, stores, a camping area, lifeguards, and much more. Moreover, it is close to Luquillo kiosk, where you can enjoy plenty of gastronomic offers with your family.

6. Balneario de Boquerón, Cabo Rojo

Located in the southwest of Puerto Rico, Boquerón is one of the most popular beaches. It has an extensive coastline covered by crystal clear waters and numerous palm trees. It is a family beach with shower facilities, playgrounds for children, basketball courts, volleyball, gazebos, and area to disembark boats. It is accessible by having a ramp that allows disabled people to enter the water quickly.

Steps away from Poblado de Boquerón, you can turn around after a day at the beach and enjoy its gastronomic variety.

7. Balneario Caña Gorda, Guánica

The Puerto Rico National Parks Company manages the Caña Gorda beach. It’s at the Guánica Dry Forest. The facilities have restrooms, picnic areas with tables, parking, a place to play basketball, lifeguards, and a beach items store. The waves are gentle, natural shades and lifeguards.

8. Manuel "Nolo" Morales, Dorado

This beach is one of the best beaches in the north of Puerto Rico. You can prepare a BBQ under the shade due to the variety of trees close to the beach. It has sanitary facilities, showers, and lifeguards. In the surroundings, you will find restaurants. We suggest arriving early in the morning as parking is limited.

9. Balneario Pico de Piedra, Aguada

Located in the municipality of Aguada, Pico de Piedra beach is a perfect place for sports or rest. From the coast, you can see Desecheo island and the exit of the Guayabo River. It has walking, bike rides, restaurants, kiosks, parking, and other facilities.

There is a wide variety of beaches to choose from in Puerto Rico.

Most of the balnearios hours of operation are Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Dreams Hotel Miramar invites you to enjoy the beautiful beaches that our island has to offer. Aqua by Dreams Hotel in Palo Seco, Toa Baja, steps away from the shore, where you can enjoy the beach and the beautiful view of Old San Juan and the forts.

Given our many beaches, we have made a list of beaches near to tour hotel, Dreams Hotel Miramar and Aqua Dreams Hotel in Palo Seco.

Beaches near Dreams Hotel Miramar:

  1. Playita del Condado
    Locals better known small beaches. Its waves are calm, as well as its environment. Nearby there is a kiosk with snacks and drinks, are restaurants within walking distance of the beach. Very close is a place that rents kayaks and teaches you paddle boarding lessons.
  2. Balneario Escambrón is also near to Dreams Hotel Miramar

Near to Aqua by Dreams Hotel:

  1. Beach inside a park, recognized for its landscape and calm atmosphere. Located in Palo Seco, Toa Baja. On Isla de Cabra Beach, you can kayak, dive, fish, snorkel, and do other water sports. The beach has a reef that makes it perfect for adults and kids.

    Other activities that can be performed are walking, running a bicycle, or having a picnic with the children since it has a playground. Its sight overlooks the Morro Castle, San Juan Bay, and the open sea. In the area, you can visit the small fort El Cañuelo. El Cañuelo and El Morro protect the bay from previous invaders. Also, you can explore the Leprocomio ruins.

  2. There is a beach at the back of the hotel, but it is preferably for adults; some days it has waves, and you must take care of the children.

Dreams Hotel Miramar is near Old San Juan, District T-Mobile, Condado Beach, Escambrón Beach and more. Reserve now: 787-688-5818