San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Temperatures in general have risen, resulting in extreme weather events, which intensify each year. It is necessary to raise awareness and do everything we can to avoid global warming.
When we think of Puerto Rico, we think of an island in the Caribbean, surrounded by beaches with warm crystal water. Ideal for a vacation when you need to escape the cold or simply when you want to relax. We are an island with perfect weather all year long. You can visit Puerto Rico for many reasons. Still, no matter the reasons, you will want to enjoy our gastronomy.
Puerto Rico is known as the Island of Enchantment. It’s warm climate and the generosity of its people add to its name, but our beaches make the perfect vacation destination. Puerto Rico has more than 1,125 beaches and some have accessible facilities for people with disabilities. In Puerto Rico area beautiful beaches that few people visit, or beaches that have facilities and security and in some seasons, plenty of people visit them.
Puerto Rico is an island with plenty of things to do. Perfect all year long and plenty of natural wonders and wonderful sunsets and sunrise. Between the beautiful beaches that surround us, rivers, and the waterfalls that are at the center of the island between our mountains, there’s a lot to visit.
Visitar este lugar le llenará de mucha paz. Si eres creyente tendrás una experiencia inigualable. Dreams Miramar Hotel le lleva a este hermoso lugar visitado por personas de distintas partes del mundo en busca de oración, paz, sanación, milagros y esperanza.
Visiting Puerto Rico and not visiting Old San Juan, is like not having visited Puerto Rico. Dreams Hotel Miramar, offers you the possibility of visiting Old San Juan and the forts, at reasonable prices.